Lunch Specials
Take Out Combo Special  
1. Kal-bi: Marinated Beef Short Rib $16.95
2. Bull Go-Ki: Thinly Sliced Beef Sirloin Marinated $14.95
3. Chicken Leg BBQ $14.95
4. Sliced Pork sautéed spicy $14.95
5. Egg Plant $14.95
6. Spicy SautéedCalamari $14.95
7. Vegetarian: Tofu and Broccoli $14.95
8. Bi Bim-bop $13.95
9. Hot Stone Brown Bi Bim-bop $15.95
10. Kal-bi Tang Soup Stock of Kal-bi $14.95
11. Sun-du-buJji-gae: Spicy Soup of Soft Tofu $14.95
12. Yuk-gye-Jang: Spicy Soup Stock of Beef Biscuit $14.95
13. Kim-chi Burger with BulGo-ki $13.95
Above Combo Specials Come with Choice of Riceor Egg Noodle and Two of Side Dish (Except Kim-chi Burger)
Extra Side Dish or Choice of Brown Rice for Additional $1.00/ea.
Miso Soup or Korean Zucchini Yellow Bean Paste Soup Available for Additional $2.50/ea.
Choice of Side Dishes
Kim-chi, Potato, Spicy white radish, Sea Weed, Corn, Cucumber, Bean Sprout, Yellow Bean Sprout, Green Salad, Tofu, Broccoli
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